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Why This Unknown Beach Will Be The Dominican Republic’s Next Vacation Hotspot

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With the new Puerto Bergantín project finally announced, the next step in the Dominican Republic’s tourism journey begins, and it promises to give visitors an experience unrivaled in the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic has many popular destinations that offer visitors something new every year. Punta Cana, for example, is now world-famous for its breathtaking beaches and luxury-filled resorts. Almost weekly, there are announcements made of new hotels, resorts, and activities. But as magical as Punta Cana is, it isn’t the final chapter in what the Dominican Republic has to offer the growing millions who visit each year.

Why This Unknown Beach Will Be The Dominican Republic’s Next Vacation Hotspot

Bergantín Beach

Only 8 miles (13km) from Puerto Plata Airport and a stone’s throw from the city of Puerto Plata, this calm and beautiful beach is going to be one of the biggest draws in the Caribbean. The famous crystal-clear waters of the Dominican Republic are here to be seen, with the fantastic backdrop of Isabel de Torres, a 2,600ft (793m) mountain that towers over the north of the country. The sand here is fantastically clean and soft, and the clear waters are full of sea life waiting to be explored by snorkelers and scuba divers.

clear water beach caribbean

To get an idea of just how untouched and exclusive this beach is, access requires a high-clearance 4×4 vehicle due to the unkept dirt road that leads to it. What was once a beach known mostly to locals of Puerto Plata is soon to be the new shining light of the Caribbean, with new road infrastructure projects that will cut times between the beach and both the airport and Puerto Plata city. 

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Dirt road

Why It Will Be The Next Vacation Hotspot

Puerto Plata is the home of tourism in the Dominican Republic, the area where it all began, but it falls behind other more developed areas of the country, such as Punta Cana, which has grown to provide fantastic and jam-packed vacation options to visitors.

Well, that is all about to change with the eyewatering amount of money being invested, which will create a new beachfront destination to compete not only with Punta Cana but with some of the other heavy hitters in the Americas like Cancun and Los Cabos.

View of Puerto Plata from a mountain top

Bergantín beach is just the beginning of the new destination ‘Punta Bergantín’. Purpose-built hotels and resorts will bring a new level of luxury to the Dominican Republic, with beach clubs, hospitals, and huge swathes of shopping options planned. As well as an 18-hole golf course that will rival the best this golf-friendly nation already offers. Additionally, this project won’t be contained to just Bergantín Beach. The master plan is for this to spread out across the whole of the Amber Coast.

Golf course in the caribbean

The Amber Coast

This mystical-sounding name is the one given to the coastline spreading out from Puerto Plata. This area is known for its rich Amber deposits and lush green landscapes. There is already so much to see and do here, visitors can take a cable car ride to the top of Isabel de Torres Mountain, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can climb the mountain with a guide. Either way, the views from the top are unbeatable in the Caribbean.

Cable car to Isabel de Torres mountain

The natural beauty of the Amber Coast is clear to see, but the beauty here isn’t just natural. The city of Puerto Plata alone has enough to keep visitors entertained. The Jurassic Park-inspired Amber Museum is a great educational experience for kids and adults alike, and the beautiful Spanish colonial architecture of the city gives an intimate snapshot into the last 500 years of the history and existence of Puerto Plata.

Downtown Puerto Plata

What Does This Mean For The Dominican Republic

This huge project is just another sign of how seriously the Dominican Republic takes its tourism industry. Visitors here are seen as an important and welcome aspect of the nation’s economy, and that welcoming attitude is almost always felt by visitors. It is expected this new powerhouse destination will bring more than 80,000 new jobs to the area and includes education and alternative industry projects to give value to the people of this beautiful country in return for their hospitality and cultural openness to tourists.

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