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Punta Cana Is Home To 5 Of The Best Vegan-Friendly All-Inclusives

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The almost paradise-like destination of Punta Cana is home to some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, but even with so much choice, it can be difficult for those adhering to a vegan diet to find the perfect resort that caters to their requirements.

Punta Cana Is Home To 5 Of The Best Vegan Friendly All-Inclusives

Thankfully, even in the Dominican Republic, where the local cuisine is meat heavy, some of the best resorts in the country have made a special effort to provide vegans with just as much choice and quality of food as those with other dietary preferences.

Iberostar Grand Bávaro

The Iberostar is a fantastic adults-only resort that is very vegan-friendly. There is a wealth of plant-based dishes that ensure a healthy choice night after night. As well as delicious food, the Iberostar excels as a resort in all respects, with modern and clean amenities, 3 swimming pools, and no less than 5 bars.

The reviews for this super all-inclusive are glowing, with the staff, food, amenities, and overall vibe leaving a lasting impression on past guests.

The best part is this perfect blend of luxury, and well-thought-out vegan cuisine can be booked for as little as $523 per night!

Sample date for this rate:

  • 1st June 2023
@leyondastravelxpress Iberostar Grand Bávaro #puntacana #iberostarresorts #iberostargrandbavaro #travel #traveltiktok #travellife #leyondastravelxpress ♬ Bring It Back Dulu – Isthatdulu

Zoetry Punta Cana

Home to some of the most distinctive resort architecture in all of the Dominican Republic, this superb all-inclusive also has no fewer than 4 in-resort restaurants. Furthermore, there’s no need to worry about which is vegan-friendly, as each one caters to plant-based dishes to ensure there’s no lack of choice for guests.

The cabana-style building and beautiful in-resort gardens are praised consistently by former guests of this luxurious destination. And the non-dairy milk alternatives provided at the coffee stations were a nice touch for one vegan visitor to the Zoetry.

Rooms at the Zoetry can be booked all-inclusive for as little as $606 per night. Although the popularity of this resort means the prices vary wildly depending on when a guest chooses to book.

Sample date for this rate:

  • 20th August 2023

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@marisotoo8 Celebrated one of my bff’s birthdays in DR. This place is absolutely amazing! #unlimitedvacationclub #zoetrypuntacana #zoetry #dominicanrepublic #puntacana #zoetryaguapuntacana #freeupgrade #juniorsuite #oceanview ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Live Aqua Beach Resort

The Live Aqua is probably one of the best-known resorts in all of Punta Cana; its reputation is the envy of its competition, with the perfect blend of luxury, entertainment, and relaxation.

And the extreme care taken throughout this resort to craft the perfect vacation extends to vegan dining. From vegan classics to everyday meal alternatives like the delicious vegan pizza served in resort restaurants, Live Aqua leaves nothing to chance when it comes to pleasing guests.

Reading through the reviews would make anyone excited for a vacation here. There are far too many positive reviews to list all the reasons Live Aqua is perfect. In fact, the worst negative to be found is that “there isn’t a separate check-out desk”. When that’s the height of a resort’s criticism, you know it’s a winner.

The biggest surprise about Live Aqua is just how fairly priced it is! A room here can be snapped up for just $550 per night.

Sample date for this rate:

  • 1st June 2023
@iammadidenise Replying to @justjoie1 I didn’t record a lot of the resort/ our excursions on my phone. You’ll have to tune into my vlog (going up on Sunday) on my yt channel for more details outside of just the room. #NextLevelDish #puntacana #domincanrepublic #baecation #resorttour #roomtour #birthdaytrip #liveaqua #liveaquapuntacana #liveaquabeachresortpuntacana #puntacanaresort #placestostayinpuntacana #adultsonly #allinclusiveresort ♬ original sound – Madison Denise

Finest Punta Cana

While relatively new to the Punta Cana all-inclusive scene, the Finest is quickly living up to its name. The Finest has a huge selection of dining options for those living a vegan lifestyle, will all 10 dining and lounge establishments offering a happy selection.

Furthermore, while Finest Punta Cana is in its infancy in the Dominican Republic, it is part of The Excellence Collection, which is one of the best-established resort brands in the Caribbean. With such a great pedigree, the reviews don’t come as a shock, with the Finest Punta Cana getting the on-brand praise for amazing staff and service, as well as top-tier amenities and dining.

At an average of just $313 per night, all-inclusive, the Finest Punta Cana gives vegan travelers some of the best deals to be found in the Caribbean!

Sample date for this rate:

  • 1st June 2023
@newgirltrin Finest Punta Cana all inclusive Hotel in D.R. 💓 #romaticgetaway #vacation #fyp ♬ Del Mar – Solo Version – Ozuna

Secrets Cap Cana Resort & Spa

Another member of Punta Cana resort royalty, the same as Live Aqua, the Secrets Cap Cana has a reputation that gets confirmed and proven every time a guest passes through! The vegan options here are a step from heaven and served in one of the most beautiful surroundings in the country.

@mr.mettille 🍯 🌙 with @mrs.mettille #puntacana #honeymoon ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

The Secrets Cap Cana receives one of the highest review scores in all of the Caribbean, with a 9.2/10. The level of service here is compared to being treated like Royalty according to past guests, and the views, cleanliness, food, and comfort receive some of the highest praise to be seen in all of the Dominican Republic!

Travelers would be forgiven for expecting Secrets Cap Cana to be in the $700-$900 range like some of its closest competition, but in reality, travelers can stay here for just $475 per night all-inclusive!

Sample date for this rate:

  • 25th August 2023
@shuttermadness Sercrets Cap Cana Punta Cana #secretscapcana #bestvacation #puntacana #allinclusiveresort #dominicanrepublic ♬ original sound – Damarest Jackson

With so many fantastic choices for vegans, Punta Cana cements its place as one of the most welcoming destinations in the Caribbean! What’s more, for those planning their vacation in an Airbnb, the markets in Punta Cana have a superb reputation for stocking every ingredient needed to prepare your own delicious meals.

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