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JetBlue Launches New Nonstop Flights To Punta Cana & Santiago

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Travelers are receiving the good news that the budget-friendly airline JetBlue is adding even more flights from the U.S. to the Dominican Republic.

This couldn’t come at a better time, with recent media coverage highlighting the high cost of flights for American travelers heading to the Dominican Republic for a vacation, the need for a more budget-friendly alternative for travelers was already being hoped for.

jetblue airplane in flight

Orlando Lands More Flights

The state of Florida is already one of the best connected to the Dominican Republic due in part to its close geographical location, as well as its large Dominican Republic expat community.

But now, the connectivity between the Caribbean paradise and the Sunshine State is reaching new heights.

Two new daily routes went into effect from November 4th, one from Orlando to Punta Cana, and the other from Orlando to Santiago.

orlando airport

Competition Benefits Travelers

One of the biggest positives expected to come from the addition of these 2 daily flight routes from JetBlue is the potential it has to reign in the currently high flight costs to the Dominican Republic.

Competition almost always benefits travelers, and JetBlue’s reputation for budget-friendly flights and more than adequate service could force a pricing change from rival airlines flying from Orlando.

Moreover, travelers who can’t make use of these new Orlando connections shouldn’t feel left out, this is possibly a sign that things are finally starting to shift in traveler’s favor regarding flight costs to the destination.

jetblue app on a smartphone

Record Breaking Numbers

The space for budget-friendly airlines to enter the Dominican Republic market is getting bigger, in no small part due to the unbelievable jump in the destination’s popularity post-pandemic.

Budget-friendly airlines have always made their bottom line healthier by offering high-frequency flights, which could mean as more Americans choose the Dominican Republic, it could in turn help to make flights more cost-friendly across the board.

This is truly a case of “the more, the merrier”.

aerial view of the bavaro resort area in punta cana

The Destinations

Punta Cana and Santiago are both fantastic vacation options, but for very different reasons.

Punta Cana

Now the most famous and sought-after destination in the Caribbean islands, Punta Cana has blossomed in the past two years to become second in the whole of the Caribbean only to Cancun.

It is without doubt the Dominican Republic’s crown jewel where vacations are concerned, and it offers travelers a made-to-measure vacation experience that blends modern comforts and tropical paradise vibes perfectly.

The beaches don’t disappoint either, the favorite of course being the incomparable Bavaro beach, widely hailed as one of the very best beaches in the whole world.

palm trees and blue water in bavaro beach

On top of beautiful beaches and the ready supply of Caribbean personality, the big selling point for most travelers who choose Punta Cana is a widespread luxury.

Some of the finest resorts in the world are located here, but even the ones more budget-friendly, like the new JetBlue flights, don’t leave travelers feeling anything less than relaxed and pampered.

Additionally, Punta Cana is more than just a beach spot. Experiencing boredom here is a choice, with extensive activities like zip-lining, snorkeling, and exploring cenotes, and jungle, to name a few, any traveler wanting to explore new experiences will have their hands full in Punta Cana.

Zip-lining in the tropics amid a large rainforest


While Punta Cana is a beach resort travelers paradise, Santiago is heaven for anyone who revels in experiencing the deep cultural richness of the Caribbean.

This destination, which shortens its name from its full title of Santiago de los Caballeros, is the heartland of the Dominican Republic’s cigar and rum industry.

santiago cathedral dominican republic

But culture doesn’t mean it’s boring either, the city is famous for its music, dancing, and cuisine. All of that, coupled with the strong national identity here and the more traditional aesthetic of the city, provides a stark contrast to the more culturally sanitized nature of Punta Cana.

On top of this, Santiago is perfectly situated to provide easy exploration of other popular destinations such as Puerto Plata and Samana.

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