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Dominican Republic Named Among Most Appealing Destinations For U.S. Travelers This Year

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The Dominican Republic has just been named one of the most attractive destinations for American travelers this year as the country’s arrival numbers continue to skyrocket.

Drawn by the country’s year-round tropical climate and world-class hospitality, the Dominican Republic appears to have found a winning formula for attracting visitors.

A white sand beach and palm trees in punta cana

A new report by Marriott, a leading global hospitality firm, confirms the Caribbean island’s prestigious reputation as one of the trendiest destinations this year for Americans.

As more travelers set their sights on the popular destination, here’s an overview of why so many visitors are flocking to the booming resort hotspot.

palm trees in punta cana on a white sand beach

Marriott Report Highlights Dominican Republic’s Role As Leading Destination 

Marriott is one of the world’s most important hospitality firms, operating hundreds of top-rated properties around the globe. The U.S.-based firm currently owns 14 hotels and resorts in the Dominican Republic, making it one of the most significant hospitality giants in the country.

And with an equal number of new undertakings on the way, Marriott is taking advantage of the Dominican Republic’s unprecedented travel popularity. The sun-drenched island has broken multiple travel records over the past year, including in October, when the country welcomed over 600,000 international visitors.

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As travel numbers continue to skyrocket, major international firms are continuing to invest in the tropical nation, announcing new resorts and investments for the benefit of travelers. 

According to Marriott’s latest report on the state of hospitality around the world, the Dominican Republic stands out as one of the most attractive destinations for U.S. travelers. The study, titled Travel Trends Forecast, underlines the nation’s growing potential as a hotspot for leisure and business travel.

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According to Louise Bang, the brand’s director of sales and marketing, “The Dominican Republic has all the ingredients to be a successful destination, including some of the world’s top beaches, stunning cultural and natural beauty, as well as excellent aerial connectivity with the United States.” 

Marriott currently operates more than 3,700 rooms across multiple resort destinations in the Dominican Republic, including in Punta Cana, La Romana, and Santo Domingo. 

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And with plans to launch new properties in growing hotspots like Santo Domingo, the American hospitality giant is paving the way for more excellent hospitality experiences in the Dominican Republic. 

Dominican Republic Shatters Travel Records Amid Soaring Popularity

Marriott isn’t the only organization raving about the Dominican Republic. Earlier this year, Tripadvisor ranked the sunny destination as one of the top places to visit in 2023, noting its varied culture, rich history, and excellent nature.

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Recent travel statistics also officially confirm the Dominican Republic as one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations, even eclipsing heavyweights like the Mexican Caribbean and the Bahamas. 

And with new investments in the country’s tourism infrastructure, it’s likely the Dominican Republic will only continue to soar in popularity. The island’s largest airport – Punta Cana International Airport – recently underwent a massive renovation to boost its travel capacity.

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With over 8 million yearly passengers, the city’s international connectivity is reaching new highs, with more nonstop flights to major hubs across the U.S. In recent months, carriers like American Airlines and Delta have announced a massive increase in connection to the Dominican Republic. 

This winter, the sunny nation is expected to smash its all-time travel record, with projections showing that the Dominican Republic could receive up to 10 million international passengers in 2023.

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