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Tourism Police In Dominican Republic Get 65 New Vehicles to Enhance Security

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Security for tourists in the Dominican Republic (DR) has been given a boost. Thanks to a new investment in vehicles for the Tourism Police (Politur). This is the latest move by the Dominican Republic to ensure the safety of visitors. The $2 million investment has delivered 65 purpose-built pick-up trucks and motorcycles for the Politur. This will allow the department to carry out its duties more effectively and on a larger scale. The new vehicles were presented to the Politur on December 12th by the nation’s President Luis Abinader.

Politur (Tousit Police) Vehicles

Salary Increase For Trusted Department

Also announced was a salary increase for the officers of the Politur department. This is a welcome measure that intends to improve the quality of the security provided to tourists. By offering better salaries, the government hopes to attract and keep the best talent within the Police.

Stack of Dominican Pesos Notes

Other than attracting the best talent. Higher salaries are expected to motivate officers to perform at their best. It is also expected to improve morale within the department. And it is hoped it will lead to better service and experience for tourists with the police.

Generic Happy Cop

Further Investment In The Politur

The government has also promised more investment in policing equipment, showing a commitment to improving the capabilities of the department. In January they will receive their next upgrade. Officers will receive tablets with specially created software. This will allow Politur officers to find out which hotel the guest is staying in, as well as contact the guest’s embassy to receive help from their home nation. This is part of the government’s wider efforts to prove itself as a safe destination for visitors.


Dominican Traffic Cop

Further Measures For Tourist Safety

These improvements come less than three weeks after the U.S. Embassy released a travel warning for the DR. It is unlikely this investment was a direct response to the travel warning by U.S. officials. Although the announcement will go a long way to reassuring tourists. Within the last week, several new measures aimed at improving the safety of tourists and combating criminality were announced. These include increased highway patrols on the main routes that service tourism. And increased security at major airports.

US Embassy Seal

Profile Of The Tourism Police

The Politur is a specialist division of the Dominican Republic’s police. As a department of the National Police, the Politur ensures the safety of tourists who visit the country. This involves carrying out a variety of duties that include patrolling tourist areas, and enforcing laws related to the tourism industry. On top of their specialized duties, they also respond to all emergencies and incidents that may affect tourists.

The Politur plays an important role in supporting the development of the tourism industry. By ensuring the safety of tourists and enforcing the laws governing the industry, the Politur help to create a safe and stable environment for the growth of the sector. This is important for the economy of the Dominican Republic, as tourism is a major contributor to the country’s GDP.

Female Politur Cop

These new vehicles for the Politur will have a significant impact on security in tourist areas. The extra vehicles will allow the Politur to conduct a greater number of security operations. Including both standard patrols and targeted operations. The increased capacity and response capability are important in light of the expected increase in tourism to the DR in 2023.

Rural Dominican Police Station

If you are in the DR or traveling to the country soon. It is advisable to go to the Politur if you need assistance. They have a reputation for being more reliable than the National Police, especially for dealing with issues that affect tourists.

To contact the Tourism Police in an emergency; Phone 911 as normal and request the Politur.

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