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Punta Cana Begins Work On One Of The Largest Tourism Projects In The Caribbean

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The construction of Larimar City & Resort, one of the Dominican Republic’s landmark resort and residential projects, has officially kicked off in Punta Cana. 

A pool and residential units in Larimar City & Resort
Image courtesy of: Larimar City & Resort

The massive investment package will see more than 22,000 residential units built, as well as a whopping six resorts, several shopping centers, and even a university. 

Travelers are set to benefit from the addition of a range of commercial and entertainment services, making Larimar City & Resort a destination in its own right.

Here’s the latest on Punta Cana’s new massive development:

Panoramic view of the new Larimar City and Resort
Image courtesy of: Larimar City & Resort

New Resort And Residential Complex Coming To Punta Cana As Tourism Booms 

Larimar City & Resort is one of the largest investment projects to date in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. The ambitious development consists of 22,000 short and long-term residential units and several large resorts. 

Rivaling the massive resorts of Dubai, the construction of Larimar City & Resort comes at a time when Punta Cana’s hospitality industry is booming. The coastal resort hotspot is seeing a surge of new resorts, including the 2000-room Moon Palace, the largest single resort in the country. 

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A beach in Punta Cana with chairs and palm trees

The massive project is divided into several phases.

The first part, the construction of which began recently, involves building two residential units known as Prime Towers and Horizon View, offering a total of 1,500 luxury homes. 

Two hotels, a shopping center, and the first 700 meters of the length of the new promenade are also included in the project’s first phase, which is set to take several years to complete.

Meanwhile, the last phase is expected to wrap up in 2035, when the massive complex will resemble a small city. 

Aerial view of luxury pool in Punta Cana resort

Housing everything from malls, gyms, and office spaces, Larimar City & Resort is designed with every possible need in mind. Travelers and residents will never have to step outside the premises of the small city.

Investors and consumers have shown keen interest in Larimar City & Resor, with over half of the new residential units in Prime Towers already sold.

Meanwhile, those dreaming of living in the Dominican Republic can already pre-book an apartment in the Horizon View residential complex. 

Compared to traditional resort projects, which are limited to smaller plots of land, Larimar City will occupy a massive area in Farallón de Verón, a neighborhood situated close to Punta Cana.

The area is currently undeveloped, but this is all set to change massively as the landmark project kicks off.

Infinity pool and sunset in Caribbean

The location has been carefully selected thanks to its elevation and natural beauty, situated around 100 meters above sea level, ensuring stunning views of the surrounding nature and ocean. 

It’s also close to Punta Cana International Airport and other important places of interest.

Any successful resort complex needs a beach; after all, most travelers that visit Punta Cana do so for the city’s stunning coastline.

Despite being a landlocked project, Larimar City will have up to several kilometers of artificial beaches and countless pools, meaning no one will ever be too far from tropical waters.

Overview of the Larimar City residential unit
Image courtesy of: Larimar City & Resort

Larimar City Will Be The First And Only Smart City In The Dominican Republic

According to executives, Larimar City & Resort will be one of the most innovative and ambitious real estate development projects to date in the Caribbean. 

The project, which is being branded as a ‘smart city,’ will benefit from high-tech solutions to make living more comfortable, safe, and eco-friendly.

From artificial intelligence to big data, Larimar City will employ cutting-edge means to optimize efficiency.

A white sand beach in Punta Cana with blue sky

The costly real estate project will integrate lush greenery and native plant species to lower its carbon footprint and improve citizen well-being.

Just like many other projects in the Dominican Republic, Larimar City is committed to fighting climate change while creating new opportunities for travelers to explore the country’s beautiful offerings. 

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