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Punta Cana Among Top International Destinations For Americans This Summer

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The Allianz summer travel report for 2023 has just been released, a yearly report meant for the insurance world to get a grasp on where Americans are choosing for their summer vacation.

It’s an important piece of data, Americans are known to vote with their wallets, and this year has seen Punta Cana become the 3rd most popular international destination for American travelers.

Punta Cana Among Top International Destinations For Americans This Summer

That’s no small feat; Punta Cana is an awesome destination, but to shoot to this position in the list shows just how consistently popular it has become with travelers from the land of the free.

The following is why Punta Cana has become a top destination for Americans traveling abroad:

Fit For Purpose

One of the biggest pluses Punta Cana has going for it is its made-to-measure infrastructure.

Unlike other destinations in the Caribbean, Punta Cana was built from the ground up for one purpose, to be the ultimate Caribbean vacation destination.

Everything has been thought of here to contribute positively to travelers’ experiences. The airport is built to have fast and easy connections to the popular resort areas in Punta Cana, and all resort real estate has been carefully planned out so as no two are living on top of the other.

Punta Cana has been so carefully planned in fact, that the resorts are made to withstand everything from hurricanes to earthquakes.

A huge plus considering the destruction these natural events are known to cause across the Caribbean.

Hurricane winds in punta cana bend a palm tree

Extra Protection

While the Dominican Republic is one of the strongest democracies in Latin America and the Caribbean, it still has its issues.

Low wages and low levels of training mean the national police force doesn’t deliver the greatest confidence in both locals and visitors to the country.

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Dominican Republic national police arm patch

This was an issue recognized by the government, and understanding how important security is for tourism, they created the Politur (Tourism police).

This better-paid, highly trained, and now very well-respected law enforcement institution has become invaluable to travelers.

They operate highly visible but non-intrusive patrols across Punta Cana and are on hand to assist travelers with everything from simple directions to life-saving responses in emergency situations.

Female tourism police officer

World’s Best….Everything?

World’s best at everything might be a bit of an overstatement, but everything in Punta Cana is certainly up to the same levels as their competition.

Luxury accommodation here is as good as Los Cabos, the nightlife as varied and lively as Cancun, and the beaches, well, Bavaro Beach alone is unmatchable this side of the Atlantic!

On top of those points, Punta Cana has gone to huge lengths to promote tourism-positive businesses.

In return, travelers here now have access to unforgettable excursions, like whale-watching and jungle hikes, to experience barely known waterfalls and cenotes.

Families have also been a huge focus for the industry here. Everything has a kid-friendly alternative, from watersports to adventurous activities; the children lucky enough to vacation here always leave with stories to blow their classmates away.

A tourist diving in the colourful reefs of the Dominican Republic

Exploding Connectivity

It doesn’t matter how popular a destination gets. If it can’t handle the increase in travelers or offer them an easy journey to travel, it’ll never hold that popularity.

In that aspect, Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic have handled the growth like seasoned professionals.

An airplane on the tarmac in Punta Cana

The airport is regularly updating its expansion plans and operations to keep the arrival and departure process smooth for travelers.

Furthermore, the open skies agreement with Canada, as well as the soon-expected open skies agreement with the United States, is securing the future of travel to and from Punta Cana for decades to come.

While the destination already has fantastic connectivity to the eastern seaboard of North America, it’s expected that soon many more states in America will have the freedom to catch a direct flight to the paradise of Punta Cana.

American airline planes parked

The Future

Cancun and Los Cabos still hold the top two spots for American travelers, but they will have a difficult fight on their hands to hold onto that popularity.

Punta Cana is fast stealing Americans away from Mexico and showing them what they’ve been missing out on in this Caribbean standard-setter!

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