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Is The Dominican Republic Good For Medical Tourism?

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The subject of medical tourism has featured heavily in the news cycle recently, with the topic of patient safety in-country becoming a hot-button issue. The practice of going abroad to save large sums on the cost of procedures is gaining in popularity, and with the growth being seen in the industry, it’s safe to say this isn’t a trend that is going anywhere soon.

Is The Dominican Republic Good For Medical Tourism

So, with the questions being leveled at the safety of traveling patients, many are looking to the already well-established medical tourism services of the Dominican Republic for their needs.

How Good Is The Healthcare?

Healthcare in the Dominican Republic varies drastically. As far as standard primary care for the citizens of the country is concerned, the level of healthcare isn’t world-class. Access to healthcare is free to all, but public hospitals are often underfunded and come with a wide range of extra costs on top of the “free at point of access” status.

Hospital in the Dominican Republic

In comparison the private healthcare institutions in the Dominican Republic operate with extremely high standards of care, professionalism, and service. These private hospitals are where medical tourists will receive treatment and citizens of the United States, Canada, and European nations often find the standards comparable to their home nations.

Is It Cheaper?

The cost of non-elective surgeries and cosmetic surgeries/treatments in the Dominican Republic is significantly cheaper than in the United States. Additionally, even with the cost of flights, accommodation, and daily living costs in the country added in, the total cost for high-level medical care in the Dominican Republic still brings savings.

Emergency room entrance in the United States

Qualified Doctors

A big concern for any patient is of course the abilities of their doctor/surgeon. No matter how good the facilities, equipment, or price, medical tourists want to be confident in their doctor.

Travelers that choose the Dominican Republic for medical procedures can be at ease. The nation has a well-regulated and professional medical industry that only employs fully-qualified and vetted doctors. In fact, general practitioners are difficult to find in this Caribbean nation as most medical students prefer to specialize straight out of medical school.

Furthermore, in the capital Santo Domingo and the second major city of Santiago, almost all the doctors in the private hospitals are multilingual, with a large proportion of them having gained their medical degree in the United States. With some research it isn’t difficult to get United States level healthcare at Dominican Republic prices!

Doctor shakes hands with a patient

Most Common Procedures

The data on the types of procedures that are popular is not readily available, although the most commonly mentioned are lift procedures and cosmetic dental procedures. Both are available at significantly reduced rates in the country and, in many cases, without a drop in the quality of care.

Dentist in her office smiles at the camera

Why The Dominican Republic?

There are many reasons why the Dominican Republic is growing in popularity for medical tourists. The most obvious being the high level of quality available at private institutions and the potential for big savings. But there are other positives to choosing the Dominican Republic:

Dominican Republic Building New Clinic For Health Tourism


A flight from Miami to the Dominican Republic takes just 2-hours, which is so fast that a traveler can get a flight right after breakfast and be in the Caribbean before lunch. Furthermore, the eastern and central United States has regular, competitively priced flights from almost every major city.


Recent news from Mexico has naturally made potential medical tourists reconsider their plans. The level of organized crime often attributed to Mexico is much less prevalent in the Dominican Republic. And while the nation isn’t without issues, visitors are at much less of a risk of organized crime.

For travelers that are worried about crime, the medical facilities in the tourist haven of Punta Cana are a fantastic choice. The area is extremely safe and serviced by some of the best medical facilities in the country.

Tourist Police vehicles Punta Cana

The Perfect Recovery

The recovery after a surgery or procedure can be as important to the overall outcome as anything. And what better place to recover than in the Caribbean with its year-round perfect climate, high-quality of accommodation and food, as well as the infectiously positive attitude of the local Dominicans.

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