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Wyndham To Build New Property In Dominican Republic’s Newest Resort Hotspot

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Wyndham has announced a flurry of new hotel investments in the Dominican Republic to meet growing travel demand. It recently announced its intention to launch a new eco-property in Pedernales, slated for opening in 2025.

A luxury resort with an outdoor pool

Situated in the southwestern tip of the Dominican Republic, many analysts have called Pedernales the country’s next major resort and hospitality hotspot.

The region has seen its tourism potential explode with the construction of the Dominican Republic’s flagship cruise port.

White sand beach in Pedernales with blue water

New Wyndham Property Coming To Pedernales In 2025

Wyndham is one of the largest hospitality chains operating in the Dominican Republic, owning many properties in popular resort locations.

The Texas-based hotel firm is working on one of the most ambitious expansion projects to date, announcing up to 15 new hotels in the coming years.

While it’s planning on constructing several new hotels in places like Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, its latest announcement concerns a brand new property in Pedernales, a thus far rather undeveloped region.

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Relaxing pool views with palm trees and water

That’s set to change significantly over the coming years, as companies rush to build new massive resorts.

Wyndham’s has said its new Pedernales property will officially be called The Ocean Front La Quinta. The name hints at the location of the new hotel, which will feature sweeping ocean views.

Wyndham’s new hotel is focusing heavily on sustainability; just like many other resorts across the Dominican Republic, the chain is one of the latest to emphasize the importance of eco-friendliness, choosing green materials and clean building processes.

Rainforest area with blue skies in the Dominican Republic

According to Edward de Valle II, president of the De Valle Group, the company that manages and oversees the construction of Wyndham properties in the Dominican Republic, the Ocean Front La Quinta will blend in seamlessly with Pedernales’ lush nature.

From breathtaking ocean views to hints of tropical flora found throughout the property, guests can expect a design inspired by nature to calm and nurture the senses. 

Slated for opening in mid-2025, the 110-room property is a stark contrast to other projects in the area, many of which include massive resorts with over 700 rooms. Although Wyndham’s latest undertaking will not follow the traditional all-inclusive model, guests can still expect to find some amazing amenities for a comfortable tropical getaway

The Ocean Front La Quinta will be a family-friendly property, with several kids’ zones as well as an outdoor pool. Despite accommodating younger travelers, the hotel will also feature state-of-the-art office spaces that make it an ideal choice for business travelers.

Wyndham logo on a massive hotel

Pedernales Set To Have Over 12,000 Hotel Rooms Over The Following Decade

Wynhdam’s latest investment is just a drop in the ocean compared to massive resort projects taking place in Pedernales.

Occupying a vast area in the country’s southwestern region, Pedernales will have some of the Dominican Republic’s largest resorts in the coming years.

A cruise ship arriving to the Dominican Republic

Several hospitality firms are already building new properties in the area, including Hyatt and Iberostar.

There are at least three projects already underway, and the government foresees over 12,000 new rooms to be built over the next 10 years. 

Travelers won’t have to wait until then to experience everything Pedernales has to offer; the coastal destination will soon have the Dominican Republic’s flagship cruise ship port, Cabo Rojo, which is set to welcome its first passengers in December this year.

Untouched sand beach in Pedernales with sea

The ultra-modern cruise ship terminal will handle over a million passengers per year, and some cruise liners, like Norwegian, have already announced new routes to the Caribbean destination.

For now, travelers will still have to wait several months to reach Pedernales by sea, although Punta Cana tourists can rent a car and visit the eco hotspot by car. 

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