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Why This Upcoming Dominican Republic Resort Hotspot Will Be Among The Safest In The Country

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The Dominican Republic is home to a handful of popular coastal resort destinations, including Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

But as the country’s arrival number soar to new highs, tourists are demanding new exciting locations to explore.

pedernales beach with blue water in the Dominican republic

With that backdrop in mind, work on the country’s newest resort destination, Pedernales, is well underway. Situated in the country’s southwestern tip, the upcoming hotspot will offer a range of luxurious properties, a massive cruise ship terminal, and unparalleled access to some of the country’s most stunning nature.

According to new guidelines published by national law enforcement officials, the upcoming resort destination will also be among the safest in the country thanks to the implementation of high-tech solutions and troop deployments.

palm trees and wind energy in pedernales in the dominican republic

As interest in Pedernales grows, here’s what authorities are doing to ensure travelers’ safety in one of the country’s most promising new destinations. 

Pedernales Travelers To Receive Major Boost In Safety 

Pedernales is seeing several major projects set to transform the coastal destination into the Dominican Republic’s newest resort hotspot. Major international resort chains, including Iberostar and Wyndham, have already announced new massive projects in the upcoming location.

This week, high-level officials from the Dominican government met to discuss plans to bolster security in the tourist hotspot. Being one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean, state officials want to extend that reputation to Pedernales, which is expected to receive well over a million travelers each year.

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According to Carlos Rivera, the head of the Pedernales tourism planning committee, officials will implement new high-tech security systems to monitor crime levels in the Pedernales region.

Due to the matter’s sensitive nature, no details have been revealed concerning the specific system that officials will use to protect travelers, although experts have stated that it’ll use a combination of GPS and satellites to provide law enforcement with real-time information. 

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During a press conference on the new security system, Mr. Rivera also added that a handful of resorts will also be connected to the monitoring system, which will provide guests with a major boost in terms of safety and help shield the new location from organized crime and other threats. 

Meanwhile, the head of the country’s National Police, Eduardo Then, added that a massive continued of law enforcement officials would be deployed in across strategic locations in Perdernales later this year to protect travelers.

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In addition to thousands of troops stemming from the national police and other law enforcement bodies, the Dominican Republic also has a dedicated tourism police to watch over and assist travelers in the country. 

Why The Dominican Republic Is One Of The Safest Caribbean Destinations Right Now 

The Dominican Republic Is on track to welcome over 10 million travelers this year – potentially setting a new all-time record in terms of its international popularity.

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One of the main reasons behind the country’s remarkable growth in arrival figures is its excellent safety. Boasting one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean and Latin America, the Dominican Republic has made great strides in bolstering the safety of international travelers.

The country’s tourism police, the Politur, are a common sight across resort destinations like Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, helping travelers in day-to-day matters and deterring organized crime from striking the beating heart of the country’s economy, tourism. 

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New investments in the country’s armed forces and police bodies mean the country is fully committed to making the Dominican Republic a safe and welcoming destination for travelers from around the world.

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