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Why The Dominican Republic Still Offers Great Value Despite This Unavoidable Cost

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The hotel industry in the Dominican Republic has brought a staggering discovery into the spotlight.

Compared with destinations a similar distance from the United States, with Cancun being a prime example, a flight to the Dominican Republic costs, on average, twice as much.

Why The Dominican Republic Still Offers Great Value Despite This Unavoidable Cost

In a period of economic uncertainty and inflation, the thought of paying double for flights is something that would definitely play on traveler’s minds.

With that being said, even with this unwelcome cost, the Dominican Republic still provides fantastic value in many ways. On top of this, there is a potentially huge change around the corner that could put a sizeable dent in the cost of airfare.

A Friendly Currency

Even if travelers opt for a fully all-inclusive vacation and never need to convert currency into Dominican Pesos, the difference between it and the US Dollar always has the potential to wreak havoc on the cost of a vacation.

But this is where the destination has really provided value for money over the past year. The cost of a vacation, as impacted by the current economic situation, has only risen by 1% over the past year.

panoramic view of a large resort in punta cana

To put that into perspective, the cost of a vacation to Cancun has risen a wallet-draining 16% in the same period.

Considering accommodation is, without doubt, the biggest cost factor in a vacation budget, this important potential saving is playing a huge part in keeping the Dominican Republic great value as a destination.

Luxury At A Fair Price

Within the Dominican Republic, luxury has always been a huge selling point. No more so than in Punta Cana, the built-for-purpose Caribbean powerhouse destination that is fast catching up to the old guard of Cancun and Playa del Carmen despite its relatively smaller size.

Luxury normally comes at a premium, a truth experienced across the Caribbean, including in the likes of Jamaica and the Bahamas. In this respect, the Dominican Republic truly bucks the trend.

Luxury pool

On average, a week-long vacation here will cost travelers $500 less than its island neighbors. And even when looking at the hugely popular all-inclusive resorts, the price per night can often cost hundreds of dollars less than Cancun.

In fact, depending on a traveler’s taste in accommodation, the extra cost of the flights could be nullified by just 2 days accommodation costs. Meaning across a week-long vacation, visitors could save up to 60% despite higher airfare.

Drone view of the Airplane shadow flying over a beach at the Dominican Republic

Low Season Deals

The months running from April to November are traditionally seen as the low season in the Dominican Republic.

It’s no surprise that the low season brings reduced airfare, accommodation, and even out-of-resort experiences and trips.

However, that is something that could change in the near future as more and more travelers discover the destination’s superpower.

couple walking on dominican republic beach

What is that superpower? Well, the Dominican Republic, and even more specifically, Punta Cana, is regularly spared direct hits during the hurricane season thanks to its geography. And across the Caribbean, it’s hurricane season that has traditionally driven travelers away during these months.

The Dominican Republic is protected by a mixture of natural wind currents, the coastal geography of its neighbors, and a huge reef system that acts as a shield against heavy seas. These all combine to spare the destination from the worst of nature.

Although in the past hurricanes have made direct landfall, it is a rare occurrence and normally leaves behind nothing more than minor cosmetic damage to the superbly built resorts, which are designed to weather the storm with ease.

Hurricane winds in punta cana bend a palm tree

Price Drop Potential

We’ve established that the Dominican Republic remains good value for money despite the higher airfare, but that could very well be a forgotten issue in a few short months.

The United States and the Dominican Republic are currently working hard to hash out an open skies agreement similar to the one reached a few months back between Canada and the Dominican Republic.

american airlines and southwest jets on the tarmac

This type of air service agreement has a huge range of potential impacts, but the ones that matter the most for travelers are:

  • Greater competition – Leading to competitive pricing structures.
  • Higher flexibility – Allowing airlines to offer more regular services, another action that has the potential to lower airfare.
  • The liberalization of pricing – An open skies agreement means the removal of government from pricing, allowing airlines to adjust based on their own costs and market demand.

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