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Why Punta Cana Is The Perfect Choice For Safety Conscious Travelers

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When Americans are choosing an out-of-country vacation, safety and security are often at the top of the list.

The Caribbean isn’t short on beautiful destinations, but from Cancun to Jamaica, some travelers can feel a bit uneasy due to the insecure situation in and around tourist hotspots.

And while the Dominican Republic as a country struggles with its crime just like any other, the reality in Punta Cana is drastically different.

Why Punta Cana Is The Perfect Choice For Safety Conscious Travelers

The Oasis

In terms of crime rates, Punta Cana is an oasis of law and order in the Dominican Republic.

When compared to the capital city of Santo Domingo, the huge difference in safety is plain to see; from robbery to the use and sale of narcotics, Punta Cana flies way under the radar with its low crime rates.

It should be noted while other areas of the Dominican Republic struggle with crime, it is almost never directed at travelers visiting the country. There’s a cultural respect for travelers across the nation that shields visitors from the worst.

On top of that, even in the most dangerous areas of the Dominican Republic, worries of being assaulted due to an individual’s skin color, ethnic origin, gender, or religion always rank as negligible.

Relaxed travelers and locals on a Punta Cana beach

Traveler Safety Is Approached Differently

In the Dominican Republic, most instances of crime and the associated public safety initiatives are dealt with by the national police.

As an institution, the national police have a rocky image earned over decades of mistrust from citizens.

With that being said, the government of the country understood that for tourism to grow, travelers would need to feel safe and protected.

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Female tourism police officer

This understanding led to the creation of the Politur, aka tourism police. As a completely separate police department, it solely focuses on the protection and service of tourists and tourism hotspots.

Wearing a distinctive white shirt and easily recognizable Politur identification, they are a common sight in Punta Cana.

These tourism-focused officers all have a solid grasp of the English language, as well as receiving much more comprehensive training and better equipment than their national counterparts.

It goes without saying, if a traveler is ever in distress or requires assistance in Punta Cana, they should seek out the Politur.

How To Contact The Politur

Travelers in immediate danger should dial 911, identify themselves as a tourist, and request the Politur.

In non-emergencies, travelers can contact the Punta Cana Politur department on the following number and extension:

 +1 809-222-2026 ext. 2385

Resorts Committed To Safety

The dedication to traveler safety doesn’t only come from the Politur.

Across the resorts of Punta Cana, resorts have taken extensive steps to ensure their guests have a safe and care-free vacation.

Resorts employ 24/7 security personnel who assist guests in a huge range of ways, including first aid and the patrol and protection of resort grounds.

Resort security checking cars

Additionally, Punta Cana over the years has seen extreme natural events like earthquakes and hurricanes. The possibility of these events has been factored into the construction of each resort.

As a destination, Punta Cana is relatively young, and the lessons of other destinations that experience these same natural events have impacted all aspects of construction here.

While areas of this country can see heartbreaking destruction due to lax building control and questionable construction, the resorts of Punta Cana weather all eventualities, often with absolutely zero impact on travelers other than the loss of power for a few hours.

Tropical storm and strong winds

A Different Attitude

Across the world, many tourist destinations have a rocky relationship with the millions of travelers that visit them each year.

In contrast, Punta Cana locals have a fantastically positive attitude toward travelers. Tourism is fast becoming a huge part of this Caribbean nation’s economy, and across the nation, people recognize how important tourism is to the country’s future.

This positive outlook and attitude towards travelers is believed to play a big part in why crime in Punta Cana remains so low, even as other areas of the Dominican Republic struggle.

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