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Why April And May Are Perfect Months To Visit Punta Cana

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The vast majority of Americans have long viewed June and July as the best vacation months domestically, while Punta Cana wins over the winter crowds escaping the harsher months of the frigid northern United States.

But when it comes to Punta Cana, bucking the trend and visiting in April or May can pay off in more ways than one.

Why April And May Are Perfect Months To Visit Punta Cana

The Best Weather Of The Year

April and May bring the best weather of the year for tourists. Rainfall during these months is notoriously low, with clear blue skies painted endlessly for 8 weeks.

The temperature stays steady at around 85°F (30°C) to 87°F (31°C) during the day and a comfortable 73°F (23°C) to 75°F (24°C) during the night.

But it’s not just the clear skies and steady temperatures that make the weather this time of the year the best.

While 85°F isn’t exactly desert conditions, the heat can take its toll eventually. Thankfully, these months bring the famous trade winds off the Caribbean Sea, a cool breeze that keeps sun-worshippers fresh and perspiration free.

Caribbean sun shining on the beachfront

Fewer Crowds And More Beach

Punta Cana has exploded in popularity in recent years, which has been great for the local economy, but at the same time made the destination a more crowded experience for visitors.

Fortunately, this isn’t a concern for travelers visiting in April and May. The drop in tourism numbers provides a much more peaceful and relaxing setting for Americans escaping the rat race back home.

The beautiful Bavaro beach, one of the best in the world, becomes a tranquil retreat where space is plentiful and the stroll to the water’s edge no longer looks like the running line of a halfback.

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Bavaro beach with very few people on it

Huge Savings On Accommodation

Demand dictates price. That’s the world we live in, which unfortunately means the high season in Punta Cana can leave a big dent in a traveler’s savings account.

But while this truth of the economy makes December to March more expensive, on the flip side, it provides some fantastic deals during April and May.

Someone putting a coin into a piggy bank

For example, the famously brilliant Barceló Bávaro beach resort, an adults-only all-inclusive with some of Punta Cana’s best amenities, can be booked in April for as little as $219 per night.

The same resort, with the same package and service in March, was being offered at the eye-watering price of $994 per night!

In other words, for a 7-day stay at this exclusive resort, booking in April is 78% cheaper. With such huge savings, travelers could spend a month here and still spend less on their resort package compared to a one-week vacation in March.

Perfect For Families

The month of May is one of the greatest months for families to visit Punta Cana, and not just because the cost of a family trip is more manageable.

Punta Cana has some of the best nightlife and beach clubs in the Caribbean, which is a huge draw for spring breakers in March each year.

And while this yearly ritual has become a right of passage for many Americans, the huge influx of intoxicated young people can have a negative effect on the atmosphere for families.

Thankfully, the rebalance of the vibe in Punta Cana in the months of April and May sees the peaceful Caribbean experience returned for families and those wanting to hear the crash of the waves on the beach over chants of “chug, chug, chug”.

A couple stroll along Bavaro beach

The Perfect Patriotic Celebration

Nobody does patriotism quite like Americans, and no matter where in the world an American is, Memorial Day remains an important date that deserves to be respected and observed.

Punta Cana doesn’t impede this observance in any way. In fact, the overwhelming American tourist and expat population in Punta Cana means travelers are never short of company to celebrate those who served as well as the fallen.


Many resorts plan special Memorial Day celebrations, and the abundance of American dining options in the city, as well as the freedom to pay in U.S. dollars, means having an all-American day on May 29th is as barrier-free as you can find outside of the United States.

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