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Up To 20 Tropical Storms And Hurricanes Could Affect The Dominican Republic Over Next Few Months

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The Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be unusually strong this year in the Dominican Republic. Since early April, some meteorologists have been predicted that the upcoming hurricane season may arrive earlier than expected, with up to 20 tropical storms in the long-term forecast. The bleak forecast coincides with a period of heavy rain in the country. This April saw some of the highest precipitation levels since 2017. The hurricane season in the Dominican Republic usually lasts from the beginning of June until the end of November. 


Several meteorological services are forecasting an unusually severe hurricane season this year. According to estimates from AccuWeather, a U.S based forecast service, the country could see more cyclones, and the hurricane season could arrive earlier than usual, bringing heavy rain and wind.  

Meteorologists from Colorado State University’s (CSU) have also predicted that up to 19 tropical storms or cyclones could hit the Dominican Republic this year. Of the nearly two dozen storms forecast, around nine are expected to become hurricanes, the strongest type of tropical storm. Of those, four are expected to reach the highest storm category of three or above.

Stormy weather

For its part, experts from AccuWeather say that there could be between six to eight hurricanes with winds of up to 74 miles per hour, and between three to five even stronger hurricanes with wind speeds reaching up to 111 miles per hour. 

Caribbean winds

Both forecasts agree that regardless of the number of storms, the tropical storm season is expected to be stronger than in the two previous years. Last year saw a total of 21 tropical storms, of which 7 were hurricanes and 4 were classified as severe hurricanes. Officials from America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expect the 2022 hurricane season to be 65% more active than in 2021. 

Destruction after storm

One of the key indicators affecting the severity of the hurricane season is a weather phenomenon known as La Nina. This period of colder weather across the Pacific creates optimal wind conditions for the formation of stronger hurricanes in the Atlantic. Meteorologists are therefore carefully monitoring weather conditions both in the Atlantic and Pacific regions to better predict the severity of the upcoming hurricane season. 

Heavy clouds

According to experts from the Dominican weather agency, Onamet, La Nina translates to heavier rain in the Caribbean and a more severe hurricane season over the Atlantic. Whether or not the forecasts end up materializing remains to be seen. Meteorologists say that for now, it’s impossible to predict with certainty how long La Nina will continue to strengthen.

Heavy Precipitation This April Across The Dominican Republic

April saw some of the highest precipitation levels since 2017 in the Dominican Republic, according to the national meteorological service. Officials have also warned that many parts of the country are at higher risk of floods due to the recent amount of rainfall.  

Heavy rains may cause flooding in rivers.

Gloria Ceballos, the director of the country’s weather agency, issued a statement warning about the risk of landslides in flood-prone regions of the country Currently, 26 provinces – nearly 80% of the entire island – are on alert for heavy rain. Parts of the country have recently seen roads blocked and buildings damaged due to unfavorable weather conditions. Earlier in April, several hundred people had to be evacuated from their homes in the capital as a result of localized flooding.

Roads in Santo Domingo have flooded

Tourists headed to the Dominican Republic should routinely check the weather forecast for hurricane or tropical storm warnings. It is advised to avoid regions that are at risk of flooding, including those that have rivers or streams. 

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