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8 Dominican Republic Provinces On Alert For Heavy Rains

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Eight Dominican Republic provinces have been put on yellow alert (moderate) due to heavy rain, which has caused localized flooding and blocked roads in many parts of the country. According to the national meteorology service’s forecast, heavy rains are set to continue over the next few days, affecting various parts of the country. The northeast, northwest, southeast, and central provinces are currently most affected. Meanwhile, only 5 provinces remain at the green alert level, indicating normal weather conditions. Meanwhile, authorities are asking residents in storm-prone regions of the country, such as those living near rivers, to be cautious. 

Heavy rains affecting the island.

The start of the week has seen heavy and continuous precipitation across the southern portions of the country. The rainfall, which started a few days ago, has blocked roads and damaged infrastructure in different parts of the country. Access to the capital via kilometer 22 of the national highway was temporarily shut down but has since reopened. In addition to rain, thunderstorms, and sudden gusts of wind may lead to blackouts and fallen trees along powerlines. Strong winds are affecting the coastal regions of the country with waves being a big risk. Officials are also warning small boats and other vessels to stay close to shore, avoiding straying deeper into the sea.

Roads in Santo Domingo have flooded

Although weather conditions are forecast to gradually improve, expect light but continuous rainfall in the coming days throughout the country. The low-pressure system will persist well into Wednesday according to the latest modeling by ONAMET, the National Meteorological Office. Combined with strong humidity and winds from the southeast, most parts of the country could see further rains as well as the occasional thunderstorm. 

Heavy rain is expected throughout the week.

If you experience bad weather during your visit to the Dominican Republic, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. First, stay away from rivers and forests, which contain streams that can quickly flood. Visitors should also be prepared for the possible rolling blackouts, and drivers are advised to drive cautiously. Heavy rains can lower visibility, and the busy roads of the densely populated island can quickly become congested. Some smaller roads are also prone to flooding as well as debris which may temporarily shut down certain routes. 

Heavy rains may cause flooding in rivers.

Aside from the rain, temperatures are forecast to remain between the mid-70s to low 80s, which are slightly above average considering the heavy rains. At this time of the year, the island usually sees temperatures of around 85°F. Despite the continuous rain during the course of the week, visitors can expect to catch at least some glimpses of the sun. 

The Dominican Republic enjoys mild to warm weather.

So far, up to 230 people in the capital of Santo Domingo have had to abandon their homes, with Hato Mayor also reporting significant damage to households. Authorities from the COE, the National Emergency Operations Center, are continuing to monitor the situation. With the weather expected to improve, residents can hopefully return to their homes in the coming week.

Some residents have abandoned their homes in the capital.

Despite the unpleasant weather of the past few days, the Dominican Republic has seen tourism make a strong comeback in the past few months. It was recently reported that the country is expecting to return to pre-pandemic tourist numbers later this year. With an annual average temperature of 77°F, mild to warm weather is one of the island’s main selling points. However, hurricanes can occur between the months of June and October. The last major hurricane – Hurricane Georges – hit the island in 1998.

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