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This Is How Punta Cana Travelers Will Be Protected During Hurricane Season

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A holiday to the Dominican Republic is like a vacation in paradise – but even so, things can go wrong. And for many travelers, a hurricane is among the scariest scenarios to imagine, let alone to experience.

Hurricane near Santo Domingo

Fortunately, being a forward-looking country, the Dominican Republic is uniquely positioned to deal with hurricanes, with a host of measures in place to protect travelers from harm. 

As a powerful tropical storm currently sweeps over the country, here’s what the Dominican Republic is doing to safeguard travelers during the hurricane season.

Storm departing beach

Officials On Alert As Dominican Republic Heads Into Peak Of Hurricane Season 

The shoulder season, which runs from September to early November, is coincidentally one of the stormiest periods in the Dominican Republic. That’s when hurricanes and powerful tropical storms are the likeliest to land on the tropical island, bringing a wave of destruction across the Caribbean destination.

With at least several hurricanes expected to form over the Caribbean this year, officials are carefully monitoring weather conditions to alert residents and travelers should a hurricane seem likely to form. 

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From civil aviation watchdogs to the Centre for Emergency Operations, the Dominican Republic has an extensive network of experts on duty at all times to respond to severe weather phenomena.

In addition to having a comprehensive preparedness plan, the Dominican Republic also closely follows international protocol in matters like aviation and construction. 

powerful winds in a mountainous region in the Dominican Republic

But when it comes to hurricane safety, few locations in the Dominican Republic are as safe as its all-inclusive resorts. With a range of safety features – from preventive maintenance to staff training – travelers can rest assured that their resort is ready to act in case of an emergency. 

Follow These Safety Tips On Your Next Punta Cana Getaway 

Although devastating hurricanes are relatively rare in the Dominican Republic, travelers should take some precautions before and during their next Punta Cana getaway, especially during the peak of the hurricane season. 

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Prior to arrival, visitors should make sure they have comprehensive travel insurance, which covers all medical costs as well as emergency transportation and evacuation. Some insurance plans also allow travelers to rebook their flights and accommodations in case of a storm, which can come in handy during storm-prone months. 

Travelers are also advised to familiarize themselves with their accommodations, hurricane safety protocols, and evacuation points. It’s important to check the forecast every day and to avoid spending time at the beach during windy weather. 

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ONAMET, the Dominican Republic’s state-run meteorological institute, is the best source of up-to-date weather forecasts and warnings. The agency publishes daily forecasts and issues alerts for strong wind, rain, or lightning. 

Most Provinces On Alert Due To Tropical Storm Franklin 

Meteorological officials have placed 24 provinces in the Dominican Republic on alert over severe weather with the passing of tropical storm Franklin. 

Several popular resort hubs, including Punta Cana, La Romana, and Samaná, are also feeling the effects of the powerful storm, which is causing heavy rain and flooding. With wind speeds reaching up to 85 kilometers per hour, travelers are advised to remain cautious and to remain in a secure location while the storm gradually moves away from the country. 

Heavy rains may cause flooding in rivers.

Travelers should stay as far away as possible from beaches, rivers, and large bodies of water that could pose a risk to safety. Travel to rural regions as well as mountainous areas is strongly advised against, as rescue crews might struggle to reach them.

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