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Punta Cana Airport To Undergo Major Renovations To Improve Travel Efficiency And Safety

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A massive makeover and expansion of Punta Cana International Airport’s Terminal B is nearing completion with the introduction of new high-tech improvements.

Outside of punta cana airport

The costly project is expected to boost efficiency and security and secure the airport’s leading reputation as one of the best aerial hubs in Latin America.

Here’s the latest on what passengers can expect to find at Punta Cana’s renewed airport facilities:

Soaring Travel Numbers Prompt Officials To Improve Passenger Experience 

Punta Cana International Airport is renowned for being extremely efficient and passenger-friendly; the medium-sized airport, which carried some 8 million passengers in 2021, has consistently topped the charts as the best airport in the Caribbean.

A Punta Cana international airport sign

In 2023, the airport is about to get a whole lot better with the completion of a costly renovation that has been in the making since last year.

The airport’s Terminal B – out of which most international flights depart – is being expanded, after which it will be able to handle an additional three million passengers. 

One of the project’s main goals is to leverage cutting-edge technology to modernize the passenger experience.

From security to comfort, efficiency is one of the renovation’s main focal points, as a result of which Punta Cana will be able to welcome a growing number of travelers. 

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Travelers walking and shopping Duty Free inside Punta Cana Airport

According to Alberto Smith, head of land-side operations, passengers can look forward to boarding their flight faster than before without compromising security. 

“Punta Cana’s airport has become the busiest hub for air traffic in the country, which has forced us to improve our technology and infrastructure to optimize security protocols,” he said in a press statement. 

planes in punta cana

Some of the main improvements being introduced to the airport are new smart path biometric checks, which allow passengers to check in for their flights without the assistance of airport agents or other staff.

The airport is also automizing a range of procedures, including luggage handling and electronic boarding gates.

Overall, the new improvements are expected to cut down on growing passenger queues while boosting security with the use of cameras and scanning equipment.

Security is a major goal across all of the Dominican Republic’s airports, especially in Punta Cana, which is why authorities have invested in new Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) as well as state-of-the-art X-ray machines that will help deter criminals. 

The German Shepherd Dog providing security at the Punta Cana International Airport

Although officials are still working on finalizing the details of the new procedures, it is expected that they will introduce new efficient electronic immigration and customs checks, at least for some passengers. 

Several stakeholders have collaborated in designing the new airport terminal, from Grupo Puntacana – the company that owns the airport – to the Dominican Republic’s Unit for Airport and Aviation Safety (Cesac). 

Punta Cana International Airport Crowned Best Medium Sized Airport In The Caribbean

As Punta Cana International Airport’s nearly $200 million renovation wraps up this month, travelers can expect more modern amenities across the airport.

From more floor space to a greater choice of shops and services, travelers will find new amenities that will make the arrival and departure process seamless and safe. 

Meanwhile, 13 new jet bridges mean the airport will be able to accommodate more and larger aircraft, boosting the airport’s ability to handle growing passenger traffic and solidifying Punta Cana’s role as a hub for regional tourism.

Officials have said that they intend to continue investing in the airport over the coming years, with plans to further expand its terminals. 

Sunset in Paradise Beach in Punta Cana

In April, the TSA conducted a comprehensive study on airport safety in many of the country’s largest aerial hubs, including the capital’s Las Américas airport.

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