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These Trending Punta Cana Excursions Show That Family Friendly Doesn’t Have To Mean Boring

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A vacation is a great opportunity for families to spend some quality time together and create memories that’ll be cherished forever.

And staying true to form, Punta Cana knocks the family-friendly side to a vacation out of the park. With its huge variety of activities and trips, it can be overwhelming to decide what to experience.

With that in mind, here are the most exciting family-friendly excursions and activities currently trending!

Playa bavaro in dominican republic

Magic At Monkeyland

The awesome experience at Monkeyland is unforgettable for families and undoubtedly an opportunity that doesn’t come around in every destination.

Here travelers get to experience the wonderful native squirrel monkey population, a species of primate that is known for its super playful nature and fun-loving personality.

Seriously though, these guys are next-level adorable and truly revel in their role as ambassadors to Punta Cana. They happily climb onto visitor’s shoulders, and although they can get mischievous at times, they are naturally friendly and non-aggressive.

The guided tours at Monkeyland are a real treat, with all guides giving super informative tours in English and making the whole experience a fantastic learning opportunity.

The reviews for Monkeyland are really terrific; it’s rare to find any activity that is this positive across such a huge number of first-hand reviews!

Getting here is a breeze. There are many different day trip operators offering packages, and travelers can even book direct through the Monkeyland website with multiple pick-up points across Punta Cana.

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Escape To Scape Park

This super activity is absolutely bursting with new experiences that leave zero time for boredom.

It’s easy to get lost in the day here with a diverse blend of adventure, culture, and education all on offer to travelers and their families.

In fact, so wide is the choice of activities here it could easily be broken up into multiple-day visits!


First up is Iguanaland at Scape Park, an up close and personal meeting with the country’s beloved rhinoceros iguanas, a species native only to the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti).

Specially trained handlers act as guides and educators to get the most out of these encounters with the mini-Godzillas ensuring no visitor is unimpressed.

Iguabonita Cave

This trip underground to the impressive natural caverns and tunnels is as eerie as it is stunning.

Full of wondrous geological formations, this is an opportunity to experience the world beneath our feet in a safe and educational way.

Zip Line Eco Adventure

There are numerous zip line installations across the country, but none are as impressive as the set-up at Scape Park.

Here travelers zoom across the treetops on a circuit of 8 different zip lines—all making use of the impressive natural cliff formation in this part of the jungle.

This is a great opportunity for Dads to try their best Tarzan impression, and kids will be happy to know there are plenty of trees to hide behind while Dad yodels through the canopy!

Cultural Route

One of the most amazing installations in the country, this cultural route takes visitors through a time machine and lets them experience the lives of the Dominican Republic’s people across history.

See first-hand the homes of the pre-Spanish Taino indigenous people. Moving along the route, you then get to experience the way the early Spanish Conquistadors lived. Next comes the arduous lifestyle of the many African slaves who were brought here before finishing up in the homes of the pre-modern Dominican peasants.

This is a cultural experience that really teaches visitors to this country an important slice of its history and shows just how far the nation has come.

Cave Swim

After that hot trek through time on the cultural route, the perfect cool down is in the Scape Parks cave swim area.

These underground caves, with their crystal blue waters, were once used by the native people of this area for sacred rituals. It’s believed that cave water systems such as these are the inspiration for the myth of The Fountain Of Youth.

A Destination Built For Families

Although Punta Cana is fast building a positive reputation among party seekers and spring breakers, it is still first and foremost a superb family destination.

From resorts to excursions, serious effort is made across the tourism industry to ensure families of all ages leave having had the vacation of a lifetime.  

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