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The Dominican Republic Is The Only Caribbean Country To Make This Exclusive Forbes List

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Winning praise and recognition is becoming the norm for the Dominican Republic, this Caribbean nation is skyrocketing past its island neighbors in popularity where tourism is concerned. Furthermore, they are the only Caribbean nation that makes the Forbes “Top 10: The best destinations in Latin America in 2023” list.

The Dominican Republic Is The Only Caribbean Country To Make This Exclusive Forbes List

How Big Of An Achievement Is This?

To give a better understanding of just how big an achievement this is, there are 13 Caribbean nations that are sovereign states, as well as a further 19 that are non-sovereign territories of countries from outside the Caribbean. And almost every one of these is a tourist destination in its own right.

But this list was chosen from the whole of Latin America, which stretches from Mexico in North America, through the Caribbean, and all the way down to Argentina in South America. Taking in a total of 48 countries and dependencies!

Out of all of these countries, the Dominican Republic came in at number 5, beating 90% of the competition in the pursuit of this important recognition.

Dominican Republic flag flying from building

Why The Dominican Republic Makes The List

The Dominican Republic is going from strength to strength on the tourism front, and there isn’t just one solitary reason why. The following are the main reasons over 8.5 million people chose the Dominican Republic for their vacation in 2022:

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Punta Cana beach from the air

World Leading Resorts

For many travelers, their resort is where they will spend the majority of their time on vacation, and the Dominican Republic strives to provide the perfect experience for all visitors. All-inclusive resorts make up the bulk of tourist accommodation here, and they offer some of the best amenities, food, and service in the world.

From international branded super-resort complexes with dozens of bars and restaurants as well as private beaches to small boutique wellness retreats focused on taking away a year’s worth of stress from work and life. Every need and want is catered for in the Dominican Republic by its resorts.

Additionally, this isn’t a destination intent on pricing people out of luxury, as is seen in some other places. It isn’t unheard of to get a positively reviewed all-inclusive resort for as little as $140 per night, with food, drinks, accommodation, and fantastic amenities all included in the price.

Aerial shot of a Punta Cana resort with tropical water and greenery

The Beaches

Anyone who has already visited the Dominican Republic won’t be surprised to see the beaches mentioned here. No matter how busy it gets, the over 200 beaches stretching along 800 miles of sandy coastline ensure there’s always space to relax.

Furthermore, some of the world’s best beaches are to be found here, including Bayahibe and the tucked-away unspoiled gem of Playa El Valle just north of Samana. But travel is almost never needed to reach soft, white sand as almost every all-inclusive resort here calls the beachfront home. The most popular stretch of which is the world-renowned Bavaro beach in Punta Cana, a 12.5-mile stretch of paradise with dazzling turquoise blue water that has turned winning awards into a habit.

Bávaro beach with tropical turquoise water and sun

A Year-Round Vacation Climate

The climate is perfect for vacation. It rarely gets blisteringly hot and never requires a sweater. The rainfall here is mostly sporadic and short-lived and focused on the higher ground inland, while the water temperature’s lowest average is 79°F (26°C).

The lowest average temperature across the whole year is 77°F (25°C), with the sun almost always shining onto those lucky enough to spend their vacation here. Having such a stable and reliable weather pattern means tourists can plan their vacation easily around their availability and even find some super package deals during the low season without compromising on the sun tan.

Sunny beachfront with palm trees

The People & The Culture

No matter where you go on vacation, the surroundings and climate are easily turned grey by bad service. That isn’t the case in the Dominican Republic; the people here are some of the friendliest and most open to tourists in the world, and a quick look through the reviews of randomly chosen resorts in the country will only back this up. Service with a smile doesn’t need to be requested by employers here; it’s the norm for the positive and helpful personalities of the people in this country.

While the resorts in the Dominican Republic are modern and cater to North American & European travelers’ tastes, history and culture are always just around the corner. The Dominican Republic is home to the oldest city in the Americas, and the people celebrate their 500-year history with passion and a lot of dancing and music.

Carnival ladies dancing and smiling

It’s Highly Developed

Travelers here have no concerns about leaving the comforts of home behind. The Dominican Republic is a well-developed democracy with a stable political system, well-trained security forces, and fantastic road and air infrastructure.

It’s no surprise to see the Dominican Republic on this list. It truly does cater to every need and wants and is welcoming and accepting of all who want to experience this well-developed slice of paradise. The huge investments recently announced in tourism here point to a bright future for tourism in the country, and it won’t be surprising to see it climb the rankings in this list in the future.

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