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Punta Cana Braces For Active Hurricane Season – Here’s What Travelers Need To Know

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Extreme weather has become a huge talking point in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, with this hurricane season shaping up to be just as eventful in the Caribbean Sea, where Punta Cana is located.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, a highly trusted weather forecaster for North America, has warned that as many as 21 storms are already forecast this season.

Of these 21, between 6 and 11 are expected to develop into hurricanes, and as many as 5 could become major hurricanes.

As Punta Cana Braces For Active Hurricane Season - Here's What Travelers Need To Know

Punta Cana Can Weather The Storm

It is important to understand what effect these storms will have on Punta Cana. The destination is relatively young, which is a huge plus when it comes to the area’s ability to ride out bad weather.

The resorts and hotels situated here have been built under extremely strict building codes and are regularly inspected to ensure they continue to meet the extremely high standards in place.

In fact, the vast majority of resorts in Punta Cana even have their own storm shelters, often disguised for everyday use as function rooms or fitness centers.

Punta Cana resort from the air

There is nowhere safer in the Dominican Republic if a hurricane does arrive than Punta Cana. Even the geography here acts as a protector, with surrounding mountain ranges helping to break up the weather, as well as extensive natural reef systems that serve to take the bite out of the rough seas.

To understand just how safe this destination is in a hurricane, we only need to look at hurricanes Irma and Maria, which reaped havoc across the Caribbean in 2017.

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Hurricane irma approaching dominican republic photographed from space

Many of the Caribbean islands suffered serious and devastating damage, with many people displaced and extensive damage caused at a high human cost.

Compare that to Punta Cana, which other than fallen trees, localized flooding, and some airborne beach furniture, was left almost completely free of disaster.   

Hurricane causing damage and floods

The Importance Of Staying Informed

The week or two before a vacation can be a hectic time; the final stages of planning and purchasing clothing for the beaches and restaurants of Punta Cana can easily eat up the free time after work.

But, it is super important at this time of year for travelers to stay informed on any storms approaching and check for any possible flight cancellations or changes.

As seen recently with the heavy weather that hit northwest Mexico and California in the United States, even if the storm doesn’t directly hit a destination, it can cause flight disruption.

In fact, there were even flight delays and cancellations in Cancun due to the havoc reaped by the storm in the Pacific.

Departure board in an airport

Travel Insurance Is A Priority

It can be easy to try and save a few extra bucks by foregoing travel insurance, but it’s a gamble that really isn’t worth the risk.

With so many fantastic deals on travel insurance now, thanks to the highly competitive market, travelers can have peace of mind even during hurricane season for less than the price of a Punta Cana cocktail.

When purchasing travel insurance, it’s important to read the fine print and ensure that the coverage is complete for hurricanes, flight cancellations, and resort booking cancellations.

A travel insurance tag on a piece of luggage

The few dollars spent on travel insurance can easily save Americans thousands if the worst does come to pass.

And it’s no less important for those already in Punta Cana when a storm hits. If a flight is canceled back home, the drive home would be a sad one, but compare that to being stuck in a foreign land and having to fork over hundreds of extra dollars to try and get an alternate flight, and the value for money is easy to recognize.

Tropical storm and strong winds

The Odds Are Good

Hurricanes can hit Punta Cana and have done so many times over the past 100 years, but the destination is more than prepared for any storm that makes landfall here.

In terms of likelihood, the vast majority of storms in the Caribbean, including the major hurricanes that make the evening news cycle, rarely hit Punta Cana directly.

Be prepared, be informed, and be insured. But don’t be worried; Punta Cana is still one of the best places to vacation, even during hurricane season.

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