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Dominican Republic Among Safest Destinations In The Region According To U.S. Officials

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Recently, government officials from the U.S. visited the Dominican Republic, meeting with the Minister of the Interior & Police to discuss the current state of security and to explore ways the two nations can co-operate further on tourism.

For the most part, the discussions weren’t anything interesting for current and future travelers, but one huge endorsement that came out of the visit is something that’ll prick up travelers’ ears.

Dominican Republic Among Safest Destinations In The Region According U.S. Officials

Safest Destination In The Region

It can be difficult to keep up with the government’s advice on each country’s security situation and whether or not a destination is seen as safe for Americans to vacation in.

That is why the confirmation from U.S. officials that the Dominican Republic has one of the lowest rates of insecurity in the region is such an important thumbs up for Americans who place security high on their list of vacation criteria.

A colonial style pedestrian street dominican republic

A Troubled Region

The Caribbean is full of beautiful destinations, but the region has also seen a huge number of security issues throughout its short history.

Coups, issues with narcotics, destabilization by foreign powers, and government inaction have plagued the region in modern memory. This has affected the growth of tourism for decades, which has held it back from its full potential.

Thankfully, the Dominican Republic has become a beacon of stability and good governance that shows that the pains of the recent past can be fixed, and the region can finally take its place as a secure and safe destination.

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A restaurant in santo domingo in the evening

A Leading Light

The Dominican Republic isn’t just viewed as stable in comparison to its neighbors; it has risen to become a leading light among the young and small democracies in the world.

This is a stark comparison to its neighbor Haiti, which it shares an island with.

Across the Dominican Republic, serious effort has been made in recent years to improve security for all; this includes extensive police retraining, improved incentives for officers, as well as the creation of whole new departments such as the Politur (tourism police) to allocate resources more carefully.

Female tourism police officer

A Positive Of Tourism

Tourism can come under pressure from some areas of society; the environmental impact is often cited as being an unwelcome side-effect of its growth.

But on the flip side, tourism can also encourage positive change in a country, as has been seen in the Dominican Republic.

In the mission to make the destination more appealing to foreign travelers, especially from the United States and Canada, the Dominican Republic has improved its governance at a seriously impressive rate.

Armed officer on small vehicle in Punta Cana

The Positive For Travelers

An improved security and governance system in the Dominican Republic is paying off in huge ways for travelers.

Previously, we mentioned the Politur, which is the country’s specialist tourist police. This department is staffed by officers specially trained to assist travelers, and they all hold a good grasp of the English language.

Politur police vehicles Punta Cana

On top of this, they can respond fast to issues normally only faced by travelers, like lost or stolen passports, which is one of the biggest headaches a traveler can face while on vacation.

Travelers only need to experience the modern and safe environment provided in Punta Cana, the most popular destination in the Caribbean islands, to see just how fantastic and secure a vacation choice the Dominican Republic can be.

Luxury neighborhood of Punta Cana

Not Resting On The Win

Security has improved hugely, and a reputation is growing, especially among Americans, of the Dominican Republic being a safe and welcoming destination to vacation in is having a strong effect on the whole of the tourism industry.

Since the pandemic, the number of visitors each season is smashing previous records with ease. The exploding popularity is so strong that the Dominican Republic is working fast to create new purpose-built vacation destinations across the nation in the image of Punta Cana.

While Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean are still number 1 in terms of visitor numbers from America, Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic are working fast to make this America’s favorite destination.

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