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Why The Dominican Republic Is One Of The Safest Destinations In The Caribbean

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On June 6th, 2023, the US Department of State updated its travel advisory for the Dominican Republic, advising travelers to ‘exercise increased caution’ when visiting the country.

The advisory was prompted by concerns over the country’s political instability and a perceived rise in crimes such as armed robbery, homicide, and sexual assault.

However, the travel advisory update was met with pushback, particularly from the Hotels and Tourism Association, which argued that there had been no recent incidents in tourist areas to justify such action. 

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These conflicting viewpoints have sparked debate about the country’s actual safety situation and its impact on tourism.

So, is the Dominican Republic safe for travelers, or should you be worried about your next trip to this paradisiacal destination? Let’s find out!

Was The Travel Advisory Update Justified?

The Dominican Republic does have its fair share of challenges when it comes to criminal activities. 

Reports of murders, assaults, and armed robberies often make headlines, highlighting the seriousness of the problem.

However, it’s worth noting that incidents involving tourists are quite rare.

Santo Domingo street

Recently, the Dominican Republic’s President, Luis Abinader, also spoke against the travel alerts issued by the US and Canada, labeling them as ‘unjustified’ and not reflective of the country’s actual safety situation.

To support his statement, he presented data managed by the National Police and the Public Ministry, revealing that less than 1% of tourists have experienced crime, demonstrating higher safety levels compared to other popular destinations like Puerto Rico and Mexico.

In a recent declaration, the U.S. embassy in the Dominican Republic restated its dedication to promoting travel to the country for American citizens, despite the travel warnings.

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Furthermore, it’s important to acknowledge that crime in the country is not evenly distributed, with certain locations being safer for visitors than others.

Urban areas like Santo Domingo might present higher risks for travelers due to higher population numbers and socioeconomic factors.

On the other hand, tourist hotspots such as Punta Cana and Samaná stand out as some of the safest destinations in the country.

Entrance to marina in Punta Cana

Recent Statistics Report Falling Crime Rates

Regardless of the travel advisory debate, the good news is that the government has implemented enhanced security measures through the combined efforts of various agencies.

The Tourism Police, or Politur, has been expanded and modernized, with over a thousand officers deployed to key tourism zones. Additionally, a 911 system has been implemented in many areas, strengthening their response capabilities.

Armed officer on small vehicle in Punta Cana

Fortunately, these security measures have already shown promising results. During a recent meeting with US and Canadian embassies, Joel Santos, Minister of the Presidency, reported a significant reduction in crime rates in popular tourist centers.

He further emphasized the government’s consistent efforts to sustain this positive trend and ensure a safe environment for visitors.

Despite the travel warnings, the country remains one of the most popular Caribbean destinations, welcoming a staggering 7.18 million visitors during the first quarter of the year.

Tourism police on the street with travelers

Safety Tips For Your Next Dominican Republic Trip

So, it’s safe to say that the Dominican Republic is a secure destination for travelers overall and one of the safest in the Caribbean.

Whether the US State Department will update its travel advisory for the Dominican Republic soon still remains to be seen. But while some of the concerns behind the travel advisory might be overblown or unjustified, it’s always wise to keep these recommendations in mind.

Taking simple precautions such as being mindful of your surroundings, avoiding the display of expensive jewelry or electronics, and following the advice of resorts and tour operators can go a long way.

Santo Domingo street

Finally, it’s essential to exercise increased caution when visiting highly populated areas and make well-informed decisions based on reliable sources and the latest security updates.

By following this advice, you can guarantee an enjoyable and safe experience during your visit to this Caribbean paradise. Happy traveling!

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