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Why Punta Cana Is One Of The Safest International Destinations For Americans This Winter

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Travel numbers in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic are surging as visitors flock to enjoy the year-round warmth of the sun-soaked island.

The country’s remarkable stability and safety are some of the main factors behind the Dominican Republic’s soaring popularity, with more travelers choosing the Caribbean national over other competitors.

aerial view of a white-sand beach in punta cana

With hundreds of tourism police patrolling the country’s most popular destinations and the backing of transparent and effective state institutions, the Dominican Republic is one of the safest countries in the region this year.

As more travelers flock to the Dominican Republic this winter, here’s a closer at why this tropical nation is among the best choices for safety-conscious travelers

a view of a rainforest and beach in punta cana

More Tourists Choosing The Dominican Republic Thanks To Excellent Safety

Amid growing concern over safety in many parts of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic stands out as one of the safest destinations for travelers. International statistics show that the sun-drenched country has one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America, including lower rates of armed robbery and assault.

The country’s exceptional performance in safety has a lot to do with the Politur, or the tourism police body. Comprised of hundreds of well-trained officers, the Politur can be spotted around some of the most popular destinations in the Dominican Republic. 

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Nearly 650 officers are currently deployed across the sunny destination, including in Punta Cana, La Romana, and Santo Domingo, which welcome millions of travelers each year.

Although organized crime groups continue to target travelers in parts of the country, the Dominican Republic is far safer than other regional destinations, which suffer from higher rates of corruption and armed crime.

According to the latest statistical overview, there are currently hundreds of tourism police officers distributed across 18 municipalities in the Dominican Republic. While most agents are on duty in hotspots like Punta Cana, more remote corners of the country are also guaranteed a sufficient degree of surveillance thanks to new efforts to bolster security.

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And with a record-breaking winter season on the horizon, officials have stated that they intend to continue to take measures to tackle crime, especially when it comes to wrongdoing affecting visitors. 

Despite its relatively stable situation compared to other destinations, experts still urge travelers to exercise caution while visiting the popular island.

Most destinations in the Dominican Republic are extremely safe, especially resort hotspots like Punta Cana, Samaná, and La Romana. 

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However, travelers should maintain a high degree of situational awareness at all times, especially at night, as the risk of petty crime is a persistent issue.

The Dominican Republic is currently under a Level Two travel advisory according to the U.S. Department of State.

This Dominican Republic Destination Will Be Among The Safest In The Country 

While Punta Cana is currently the crown jewel of all resort destinations in the Dominican Republic, Pedernales, a booming resort and cruise ship hub on the southern coast of the country, is expected to see its travel numbers skyrocket. 

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Not only is the emerging destination one of the most promising on the island but it’s also poised to be among the safest.

Authorities have unveiled a host of new measures to boost safety in the coastal hotspot, with troop deployments and high-tech solutions intended to guarantee travelers’ peace of mind.

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Among other measures, officials have announced plans to use satellite images and real-time surveillance technology to prevent organized crime from affecting the country’s newest resort destination.

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