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Punta Cana’s First Theme Park Opening In 2023: What Visitors Need To Know

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The Dominican Republic is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the Caribbean, boasting a multitude of luxurious resorts, stunning beaches, and award-winning restaurants. Now in early 2023, Punta Cana – the country’s most visited city, will add another attraction when a gigantic family-friendly theme park opens to the public.

Punta Cana Theme Park
Credit: Falcon’s Beyond

Kathmandu Park, built by Falcon’s Beyond Global, is set to be a destination for travelers of all ages. The park is based on the company’s flagship franchise – The Hidden Realms of Katmandu, and aims to offer a different experience than traditional theme parks. According to Cecil D Magpuri, CEO of Falcon’s Beyond, “The theme park industry has long been dominated by traditional ‘mega park’ experiences – attractions scattered across a massive footprint. With Katmandu Park, we will offer a revolutionary alternative through a ‘big Experience/Small Footprint’ concept, offering world-class experiences in a smaller landscape.”

Kathmandu park offers four main attractions along with various other activities to entertain children and adults of all ages. The main attractions aim to tell a story, as Magpuri notes, “Through innovative rides and attractions that deliver immersive storytelling, guests will truly lose themselves in the Hidden Realms of Katmandu.” Here’s what we know about each of the four attractions:

Voyage of the Fathom Wanderer

This ride is a suspended theater attraction that takes guests on an underwater mission with Kathmandu character Kilgore Goode to protect the Hidden Realm from a humongous sea monster. There are elements of surprise throughout the ride, including lifting guests through the air facing a hyper-realistic curved screen that simulates soaring through the air.  

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Challenge of the Mad Mage

This ON!X attraction aims to bring a never before seen and felt 4D theater experience to guests of the park. This reimagining of the movie-going experience merges all 5 senses seamlessly through scents, vibrations, tickling, and many other surprise sensations. The attraction also offers a fully interactive experience using a targeting system as guests challenge an Explorer Mage named Alvis to a blaster duel that takes place through multiple areas of the hidden realms. 

Legend of the Desirata

Guests join explorer Kilgore Goode into the Himalayas in a futuristic vehicle in this sophisticated attraction generally only seen at the world’s largest theme parks. The ride allows guests to discover through movement as they find and explore the mysterious Desirata. The attraction combines 3D content, surround sound, wind effects, and scenic elements to make riders fully immersed as the line is blurred between reality and theater 


Debuting at Katmandu park punta Cana, EtherQuest is an interactive walk-through attraction that uses projection and interactive gameplay to make guests feel like they are the main character as they fight wizards in the world of Kathmandu. The experience uses proprietary technology combined with scene elements to transport guests into the Hidden Realms as they try to get the valuable EtherMetal back into the hands of the good guys. 

Along with the above main attractions, Katmandu park will have other activities such as a 36-hole mini golf course, an outdoor adventure ropes course, a carousel, and obstacle courses that promise fun for all members of the family. The park will also have several themed restaurants, bars, and several retail shopping options. 

Theme park Food

Finally, all guests will receive a smart wristband on entry that enables easy access to rides and cashless payments throughout the park. The wristband will allow you to create your own avatar and earn XP points that can be spent on mobile games such as Roblox and online shopping. Want to learn more about the experience at Punta Cana’s first Theme park? Check out this official press release by Falcon’s Beyond Global!

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