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New Study Shows Dominican Republic Among Fastest-Growing Destinations In The World

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The Dominican Republic is skyrocketing in popularity with travelers in 2023, and a new study now confirms the tropical island is one of the fastest-growing destinations in the world.

With a warm year-round climate, excellent safety, and some of the most exciting coastal resort destinations in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic benefits from being one of the most versatile hotspots for travelers this year.

aerial view of a large beach area in punta cana

As more tourists flock to the tropical nation this year, here’s a quick overview of why the Dominican Republic is smashing record after record.

Dominican Republic Reports Record Arrivals Before Start Of Busy Winter Season

Officials from the Dominican Republic’s tourism ministry just reported a record-shattering 7.6 million arrivals during the first nine months of the year.

birds eye view of a white sand beach in punta cana

And with that number expected to surge toward the end of the year, the country’s tourism industry is gearing up for the busiest winter season on record.

From Punta Cana’s towering all-inclusive resorts to Puerto Plata’s massive cruise ship terminals, arrivals are up across the board as more travelers discover everything this sun-drenched nation has to offer. 

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New statistics now reveal that not only is the Dominican Republic among the most popular destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, but its growth rate firmly places it as a leading hub for travelers worldwide.

That’s according to a new report by the UN’s World Tourism Organization, which just revealed a study on the best-performing destinations in 2023. According to the number-crunching organization, the Dominican Republic is the world’s 20th most popular destination this year and the fifth most popular in the Americas.

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Qatar currently leads travel growth with a whopping 95% year-on-year growth, followed by Saudi Arabia and several smaller European nations.

Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic recorded an impressive 17% growth compared to 2022, which officially makes the tropical island the fastest-growing destination in the Caribbean. 

Here’s Why Travel To The Dominican Republic Is Surging This Year

Although travel to the Dominican Republic has been on the rise for several years already, 2023 is proving to be the busiest on record. 

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Unlike other popular Caribbean destinations, such as Cancun and Jamaica, the Dominican Republic boasts some of the lowest crime rates in the region, according to international sources.

With a strong institutional framework and a bolstered law enforcement network, the Dominican Republic takes excellent care of travelers, ensuring minimal safety-related concerns.

Aside from its unbeatable track record with regard to safety, the island nation is home to a range of all-inclusive resorts that offer plenty of fun activities that keep guests occupied for days on end. 

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From Punta Cana’s prestigious luxury properties – including Secrets Cap Cana and other similar retreats that often classify as some of the best around the world – to Miches’ eco-hotels, travelers will find plenty of stunning options. 

Growing demand means that the Dominican Republic is now more connected than ever before to major airports across the world, especially in North America.

A number of leading airlines – including American Airlines, Air Canada, and Delta – have announced new routes to Punta Cana this winter, following a nearly $100 million renovation of the country’s leading aerial hub. 

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Offering everything from classic beachside experiences to adrenaline-inducing mountain hikes, the Dominican Republic boasts an unparalleled array of activities and experiences for travelers to enjoy.

And with new government investments in infrastructure, exploring the Dominican Republic is soon set to be easier than ever before.

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