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Dominican Republic Building New Hospital For Medical Tourism

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The Dominican Republic has begun building Médico Express, a brand new clinic that aims to offer top-notch healthcare for tourists. The center is especially geared towards health tourism, a type of international travel that allows visitors to undergo medical procedures outside of their home country. Not only is it cheaper, but the quality can also be superior compared to domestic options. The new health center comes at a cost of around 1 billion Dominican pesos and is the first of up to 5 new hospitals to be built in the upcoming years.


The Dominican ministry for tourism recently announced a new initiative to build a brand new medical center in the country’s capital, Santo Domingo. Set for completion in late 2023, the new clinic will be one of the largest and most modern in the region.  The country’s president Luis Abinader launched the construction project of the new hospital, which will improve access to healthcare in the area for locals and tourists. The new center will focus on cutting-edge technologies that provide high-quality treatment options for a variety of diseases. 

Medical equipment

Tourists headed to the Dominican Republic can receive treatment in English, and the clinic will accept a wide array of international travel insurances. With specializations including everything from emergency care to rare diseases, the Médico Express center also has a laboratory, various surgical units, as well as a dedicated international department. It comes with modern diagnostics equipment that is not found anywhere else in the Dominican Republic.

A hospital in the Dominican Republic

Officials say that the clinic’s unique location makes it well-suited to provide treatment for tourists. Situated close to the city’s airport, port, and resort hotels, it is just a stone’s throw away from important transport hubs. Moreover, the area is home to a large international community. So far, the zone has lacked modern medical centers.

Santo Domingo Este

One of the initiative’s main goals is to make healthcare more modern and accessible. New mobile technologies will be integrated into the treatment offered at the clinic. Authorities say that the hospital will provide patients with a mobile application that they can use to keep track of doctor’s appointments, as well as check exam results or communicate with their healthcare providers. The new app will also keep all patient records stored in one place, making for a more convenient, fast, and secure way to stay healthy. 

Generic hospital

The executive president of Médico Express says that “Our goal is to provide high-quality and safe healthcare services for local patients as well as visitors with the support of a team of multidisciplinary specialists and brand new technology”. He also highlighted that the new clinic is built with international standards of care in mind. The treatment options will be highly personalized according to the needs of the patients. Here, customers won’t have to wait in long lines, as the center brands itself as an efficient healthcare provider. 

Healthcare workers

The clinic’s managers estimate that up to 200 new jobs will be created, and around 400 indirect jobs. With a surface area of around 90,000 sq feet, the Médico Express will be one of the largest in the area. To provide the most advanced treatment for its patients, the hospital’s staff will be working with partners across the globe, including researchers and leading doctors.  

Tourists in airport

Although locals are also welcome to visit the hospital, one of the main goals is to attract international tourists. Demand for medical tourism is on the rise due to the increased availability of affordable treatments. The Dominican Republic is aiming to diversify its tourism sector, offering more options for visitors when it comes to things like healthcare or housing. 

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