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Deteriorating Security Situation Along Haiti – Dominican Republic Border Causing International Concern

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The security situation along the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic has once again become a hot topic in the country. With multiple cases of kidnappings, hijackings, and armed robbery reported in border communities this year, authorities in the Dominican Republic are taking a strong stance against the issue, with some officials calling for an international response.

Haiti police

This week, a group of armed criminals from Haiti stormed a free trade zone in Dajabón, in the western part of the Dominican Republic. The border area is home to thousands of Dominican and international workers and is under the control of the Dominican Army as well as the border agency. Although no injuries were reported, the incident prompted authorities to heighten their crisis preparedness level as the situation along the border worsens. 

Dominican Republic Haiti

The incident occurs as Haiti continues to experience significant civil and political unrest over issues ranging from fuel prices to armed crime. The fragile situation is causing alarm in the Dominican Republic and the international community, with growing calls to intervene in the country to avoid chaos from spiraling. The United States has also taken note of the deteriorating situation and has recently warned all U.S citizens to abandon Haiti.

Border area

Earlier this year, the Dominican Republic began an ambitious project to construct a massive wall along its nearly 250-mile-long border with neighboring Haiti. The two countries occupy the island of Hispaniola, with the Dominican Republic making up most of the island’s territory. The Dominican Republic’s relatively good living standards are in stark contrast to those of its neighboring country, which faces a humanitarian crisis while organized crime groups tighten their grip on power. 

The Dominican Republic has already been affected by alarming crime levels in Haiti. In May this year, a bus carrying 8 foreign nationals was hijacked shortly after crossing the border to Haiti. The armed group that claimed responsibility for the hijacking had previously captured American and Canadian citizens and held them hostage for months.

barbed wire

Since then, crime levels have continued to worsen, prompting calls from both the Dominican Republic as well as the international community to step in to improve the situation. In a recent session of the United Nations Security Council, Dominican representatives urged that more support be given to Haitian police forces in an effort to stem violent crime. 

Dominican protest

The Dominican Republic has recently taken more action to stop Haitian organized crime groups from threatening the country. It has barred many of its leaders from entering the Dominican Republic, and the army has tightened control over the border. An estimated 500,000 Haitians currently live in the Dominican Republic, many of whom are employed in crucial sectors ranging from tourism to agriculture.

Dominican army

Authorities now fear that the situation along the border could spiral out of control, generating a spillover effect in the Dominican Republic. This could potentially cause a humanitarian crisis in the country, with thousands of people fleeing across the border. For now, however, officials say the situation remains calm and that authorities are ready to respond to any changes in the security situation. Meanwhile, countries such as Mexico and Spain have recently closed their embassies in Haiti.

Resort aerial

Although the situation along the border remains alarming, its effects on tourism are not as pronounced. With most tourists headed to eastern resort destinations like Punta Cana, Samaná, and Puerto Plata, they are shielded from the instability facing border communities. That being said, visitors should avoid traveling to the areas along the border, as they may experience higher crime rates. The Dominican Republic is under a level two travel advisory, according to the U.S Department of State, which urges travelers there to exercise increased caution whilst in the country.

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