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AirBnb Is A Huge Success In The Dominican Republic

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The vacation rental service provided through the American company Airbnb is a great success in the Dominican Republic at the moment. Even though this country is a historical tourist destination with a wide variety of hotels and resorts, according to recent data, 44% of tourists rely on this platform

The real-estate expert, Gisselle Ventura, has explained more about the Airbnb phenomenon in the country to the Dominican tourism news outlet Arecoa. Ventura said that compared to previous years—where low, medium, and high season cycles were seen in digital platform rentals— the market is now more dynamic, and added: “However, this last year has always been a high season.

Ventura recognized that part of the benefits of Airbnb rentals is that travelers are more motivated to explore the towns and cities where they are staying and consume and buy from local restaurants and businesses so they have a positive impact on the local economy. 

At the moment, it’s even hard for travelers to find listings available at popular destinations like Punta Cana, Bayahibe, Las Terrenas, and Puerto Plata. Travelers’ increasing interest in renting houses through the popular app has made more young Dominicans invest in properties to later show as listings on Airbnb. 

Despite recent regulations implemented by the government for online platform rentals —the new measures started to apply in August this year—, Airbnb keeps getting acceptance and increasing interest among locals, property owners, and international travelers. 

Listings Fully Booked At Popular Destinations

If you want to stay at an Airbnb accommodation at the most popular destinations in the Dominican Republic, you better book fast! The best listings are even booked months in advance. 

Ventura explained more: “It is incredible what is happening in areas like Punta Cana, Bayahibe, and Las Terrenas, where you go to look for apartments that are rented on these platforms with two and three months of occupancy in advance and they are already sold out. It’s nice that this is also happening in Puerto Plata, an area that is having a great local and international boom.”

In July, Punta Cana airport broke a record and registered over 1.1 million passengers entering and leaving the country. International travelers arrived from Asia, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. 

From La Romana airport, many travelers visit La Romana, Santo Domingo, and Bayahive, and Puerto Plata has its own international airport that keeps attracting more international routes. A high percentage of these travelers book their accommodations through Airbnb.

Airbnb Listings In The Dominican Republic

Travelers will find all kinds of accommodations through Airbnb in the Dominican Republic. From a spectacular thatched hut right on the beach with a beautiful terrace to admire the pristine water and smell the Caribbean, to a modern cabin in the mountains with an infinity pool to get lost in the cordillera’s beauty.

Prices can vary a lot. Guests can find very cheap shared rooms starting at $15 to incredible and luxurious entire villas in Punta Cana for $2,550 a night. Top-rated villas in La Romana cost from $403 to $527 per night and can host from 8 to 14 guests. In Santo Domingo top-rated apartments on Airbnb cost from $60 to $99 per night and each accommodation offer unique experiences for travelers. Travelers can book for just a few days or months. Many accommodations offer discounts for long stays. 

Private house

There’s a constant debate as to whether it is better to stay at a hotel, an all-inclusive resort, or a home rental. Most travelers agree that it is a personal opinion. At all-inclusive resorts, travelers don’t have to worry about transportation costs or cooking. Other visitors consider that staying at a home rental is the best way to really explore the destination, try local food, and get to know the real Dominican Republic, and this is probably part of Airbnb’s success on this fascinating island. 

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